100 Posts Later… There is Rock Solid Social Media Strategy

Mar 18, 2014
Jason Baumann

Rock Solid Social Media Strategy

Six months ago, Boxless Media was founded to help small and medium sized businesses succeed using social media and other digital marketing platforms. Six months ago we also formed DenytheBox.com – this blog that offers free social media advice to business owners and marketers. 100 blogs later, we have learned a lot about social media and offered a lot of great advice.

The biggest lesson that we have learned, and tried to bring to our readers, is the fact that social media success comes from a solid strategy. We call it a rock solid social media strategy. Businesses that succeed have one. Businesses that don’t, often fail. A strategy is the first step of every campaign that comes from Boxless Media. So to help you, I have written an e-book, 5 Steps to a Rock Solid Social Media Strategy,  and am proud to make it available to you today for free.  Click on the link below to download your free copy.

The book takes you through why social media has to be a part of every marketing toolkit. It then takes you through the 5 steps. It is a short, 20-page book, that was written to be the easy book you will ever read. It is fun, casual and filled with great examples. I look forward to hearing your feedback – here, on Twitter @BoxlessMedia #RockSolidSocial, or via email at jb@boxlessmedia.com. Please enjoy.

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