3 Reasons I’ve Made Social Media My Career

Sep 24, 2014
Abraham Villegas


Meet Abe Villegas, Social Strategist

Since I was knee-high to a duck, I remember growing up with strategy based video games and a competitive attitude. As a young grass hopper I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur.  From selling candy and trading cards as a child to energy drinks as a teenager, it’s no surprise I’m in the business of selling ideas. Through a passion for writing and sales I’ve learned every business starts with an amazing story.  Working in social media marketing allows me to incorporate both my skills and my passions. It only feels right to help other businesses tell their own story.


I wasn’t always a big fan of it but as of recently, I’ve made social media my career. Many people who know me could tell you I was studying to join the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). That’s just about as far as you can get from social. A week before graduation and 3 years too late, I decided I wanted to pursue my passion in marketing. During this time frame, the digital marketing industry was experiencing  huge growth. As a millennial with a passion, I was offered the opportunity to get in on the action. The timing was perfect and I understood it well, but here’s 3 reasons why I’ve made it my career.

1. Everyone is on a Social Platform

Your mom, dad, siblings, cousins, neighbors and even your grand parents have something in common. They’re all on social media. Whether it be directly or indirectly, how many times have you personally connected with someone through social networking? Just over a month ago, I saw my grandmother from Mexico. You wouldn’t believe it was through Snapchat but thanks to my sister, you can bet it was. Whether it’s personal or business, social networks always find a way to connect us with one another.

2.Social Media builds relationships

As of today I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google Plus. I’ve even got my wife teaching me how to Pinterest which is something she finds great excitement in. Well what’s the point of being on 6 different networks you might ask? It’s simple really. I use Facebook to connect with extended friends and family because the close ones still call or text. I’m on Instagram to follow my favorite brands and see what they’re up to in terms of visual marketing.

On twitter, I connect with bloggers, influencers and marketers around the world sharing information I deem interesting or relevant. LinkedIn on the other hand is where I connect with colleagues, professors, and fellow alumni. As for Google Plus? While not a personal favorite it’s a love-hate relationship for SEO and Authorship. I’m still getting the hang of Pinterest but no matter the platform it’s always about relationships.

3.It’s a chance to tell a story

The angry customer, the confused business owner and your conspiracy theorist neighbor all have something else in common; They’ve got a story to tell. Whether we realize it or not, every time we share something online we’re uploading bits and pieces of our story. We connect with others by resonating with the ideas behind them. And if done right, stories can resonate with a larger audience and become viral.

Why make a career in social media?

Simply said it was the right move. I have a passion for business, a hobby for writing, and I love connecting with others through stories. With social being so natural to me, it only made sense to take my passions and skills to help others tell their own. It also allowed me to connect people together and reach a larger audience online.

Now that you know why I’ll be devoting my career to social, it’s your turn to share what you love about social media. Drop a comment, or share it with us on Twitter!

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