3 Simple Steps to Selling with Social Media

Sep 05, 2014
Jason Baumann

Social Sales Starts with a Handshake

Social selling is all the rage in the sales world today. But too often, trainers claim that social sales means mastering LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is a great start it is only the beginning to learning how to sell effectively using social media. Today we are going to take you through three simple steps to selling using social. You can sell from any platform. In fact, sometimes LinkedIn may not be the best bet. Take these steps and no matter which platforms you use, you will succeed.

Step One: The Handshake

The first step to making a sale online is to find your target customer and introduce yourself. You can use advanced search features on any of the platforms. You can find someone in a group on one of the platforms. You can find them in a directory. No matter how you do it, find them and offer them a handshake. What does this mean? Introduce yourself as someone with value. If you are using LinkedIn and you see someone who may be a great customer engaging in a group, respond in that discuss with some important information. For example, if they are asking a question in a group, respond with an answer and a link to information supporting that answer. You are now valuable to them. You shook hands for the first time.

Step Two: Converse

Now the person knows a little about you. Give it a little time and strike up a conversation. Do not mention anything about sales yet. Send that person a message and ask a question. For example, “I noticed you were asking about widgets, did you find what you needed?” Spark up a conversation and establish a connection online. Once you have spoken a few times and there is a relationship, move to Step Three.

Step Three: Sell Consultatively

People do not go online to be sold and they will write you off the minute you get too salesy. The best sales approach is to be consultative. Now, you have built up a relationship with a potential customer. Send the customer some information about your company or product and ask if they would be interested in talking further. Then work that lead through your funnel.

These three simple steps will bring in new sales from most any social platform. This fall, Boxless Media will be launching a series of classes on how to apply this approach to each social platform. We will be offering this class both in person and online. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list for more information. 

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