Buying Facebook Fans: Good or Bad…

Jan 08, 2014
Jason Baumann

buying facebook fans

Welcome, 2014. I can hardly believe that it is already January 2014. This year promises to be an amazing year for social media. At Boxless Media, we are busy making sure all our clients’ social initiatives are strategic and well-executed.

To start the new year, I thought I would address a question that everyone asks me, should I buy Facebook fans. It is a difficult questions because there are positive and negative aspects to this.

Let’s start with the negatives…

  1. Purchased Facebook Fans will never translate to a sale. They are simply fake or unused accounts that will like your page. There are seldom people behind them that care about what you are doing.
  2. Purchased Facebook Fans distort the true picture of your social media efforts. Your analytics will be skewed and you will not have an accurate picture of where you audience is and other key demographics.

Ok, so maybe a positive (or two)…

  1. It’s hard to trust anyone with one friend. When you are starting a Facebook presence and you are not a mega brand, you always have that point when you have only a handful of fans. Buying a small base helps with your reputation.
  2. Facebook unlocks features with Fan counts. You cannot get a vanity URL ( unless you have 30 fans. There are other milestones too.

I meet new social media clients every day and I am constantly asked about this. Here is what I would say… I would use a two-tiered approach for small businesses. After you create your page, buy a base of 1k to 5k depending upon how big you plan on getting. Then launch an aggressive fan campaign to get real fans. These real fans are going to be the one that create sales.

I would recommend the following site to purchase those fans…

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