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Content Marketing: Understanding the Blog

When we talk about content marketing, blogs must be at the center of our conversation. Blogs are the easiest way to add

Content Marketing: By the Numbers

Today we continue in our discussion about Content Marketing. Yesterday, we learned what content marketing is. Today, we talk about the numbers

Content Marketing means Success Online

If you want to be successful online, the key is an effective content marketing strategy. In fact, content marketing is the biggest

Step 4: Post Great Content – How to Create Great Online Content

This week we are covering the 5 steps to creating a social media plan. Step 1 is to identify your target market.

Microsites 101: An In-depth Description of these Mini-Websites

Last week, I had lunch with a prospective client. She asked me how I felt about microsites. So in honor of her,


#Hashtags are Nothing to #joke about On September 24, 2013, #JustinTimberlake appeared on Late Night with #JimmyFallon with a skit about #Hashtags.

Grammar Tips and Clarifications for Online Writers 2.0: Commonly Misused Word Sets

This week, I have been concentrating my writing on sharing ideas online – specifically through blogging. Today, I continue yesterday’s discussion about

Grammar Tips and Clarifications for Online Writers

This week is Chicago Ideas Week, an annual gathering of global thought leaders created to provoke new ideas and inspire actionable results. In honor of this

Tumblr: Is Blogging Part of Your Social Media Plan?

For many clients, I believe that Tumblr has great value as a part of their social media plan. But nearly all of

Do You Have a Social (Media) Calendar?

The best advice that I can offer any business is to: build a social media calendar; create great content; and post (and

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