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Three Shocking Facebook Stats You Need to Know

Facebook is the largest of social media networks. When talking about Facebook, the most commonly referenced numbers are total user base or

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

This week, I thought I would spend some time offering 5 things you can do on different social platforms to grow your

How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

At any moment, a Facebook user could see any of 1,500 pieces of eligible content. With the ever changing Facebook Newsfeed Ranking

Facebook is Alive and Thriving

There has been a lot a talk about Facebook this year. Starting in 2013 with the change in their Newfeed Ranking Algorithm,

Celebrate Social Media Day in Chicago

Today I would like to talk to you about Social Media as a whole. In just 10 days, we celebrate World Social

Facebook Fan Page Update: 5 Things To Know

Do you know what’s going on June 6th, 2014? Facebook announced that all fan pages will have a new update rolled out

4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook page or are you looking to make one? How do you know what a good Facebook page

3 Ways to Reach Women Online

Not so long ago, marketers used a one size fits all strategy to capture an audience. That’s not the way marketing works

Social Media Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice

Doctors and the administrators used to be able to just concentrate on medicine. That is no longer possible. Now they have to

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