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What the Attorney Needs to Know to Succeed Online

Attorneys in small and medium sized law firms can benefit greatly from the Internet. Large law firms can also benefit immensely but

Boxless Media is Proud to Present Chicago WingMadness 2014

In 2009/10, I was working for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois. It is one of the most amazing places any one can

2014 is the Year for Google+ – Sorry Facebook, You Did It to Yourself

I know it is a little late for 2014 trend predictions, but some things need to be said. As a social media

Content Marketing: It only starts with the Blog

This week, we are talking about content marketing. We started with defining it and exploring the numbers that demonstrate its success. Then

Buying Facebook Fans: Good or Bad…

Welcome, 2014. I can hardly believe that it is already January 2014. This year promises to be an amazing year for social

Facebook Tips: Explore Facebook Advertising

To conclude our week of Facebook Tips and Tricks, I thought we talk briefly about Facebook Advertising. Facebook advertising has come a

Facebook Tips & Tricks – Understanding the Facebook Timeline

Today’s Facebook Tip is to understand Facebook’s EdgeRank. What is EdgeRank? EdgeRank is Facebook’s algorithm (or system) for determining how someone sees

Let Your Facebook Page Deny the Box!

Browse through the pages of Facebook and you will find hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages that look exactly alike. If you

Facebook Tips and Tricks Week: Effective Cover & Profile Photos

This week we are going to go through practical (and simple) steps to improve your Facebook presence. Next week, we will tackle

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