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Facebook Ads: Targeting to Success

  Ad Sets and Audiences Part II Facebook currently offers one of the most advanced and robust advertising platforms to marketers. The

Digital Marketing, Analytics, and the Beauty of Failing Faster

Meet Carrie Wenzel, Social Strategist… I have always found joy in helping others. This is probably why I studied psychology for my – for Branders

It’s not often that dedicate a blog to recommending a tool, but I was recently introduced to a tool that demanded my attention.

MeetUp: A True Social Networking Platform

When we think of social networking, our thoughts quickly bring us to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. It seems

How to Be Seen Everywhere With Retargeting

Have you ever shopped online with Amazon, Ebay or similar website only to not end up making a final purchase? Now when

Social Media: 5 Mistakes Businesses Make

Have you noticed the social media logos everywhere you go? From products, to t.v. shows, to advertisements, social media is here to

Social Media Engagement: 5 Tips For a Small Business

As we conclude the end of National Small Business week, we want to discuss 5 ways to increase your engagement levels on

Wunderlist: A Tool I Cannot Live Without

Every week, I bring a new tool or website to this blog and talk about how it helps the social media professional.

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