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Ad Creation

Welcome to the final episode of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. We started out this series talking about the structure of

Facebook Ads: Targeting to Success

  Ad Sets and Audiences Part II Facebook currently offers one of the most advanced and robust advertising platforms to marketers. The

Facebook Targeting

Ad Sets and Audiences In the previous episode of our Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads, we covered Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads.

Three Shocking Facebook Stats You Need to Know

Facebook is the largest of social media networks. When talking about Facebook, the most commonly referenced numbers are total user base or

‘ello ello. Nice to Meet You.

  One of the hottest discussions in social media today is the emergence of Ello – a new social media platform. Right

5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

This week, I thought I would spend some time offering 5 things you can do on different social platforms to grow your

How to Choose Your Social Platforms

We have spent a lot of time on this blog talking about the role of social media in the digital marketing world.

Using SlideShare to Generate Real Business

SlideShare was introduced in October 2006 as a platform for presenters to share their slides within an internal office and individuals attending

Facebook is Alive and Thriving

There has been a lot a talk about Facebook this year. Starting in 2013 with the change in their Newfeed Ranking Algorithm,

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