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Twitter: the 2014 Facelift

Twitter is looking a little different starting yesterday. Before yesterday, it had been rolled to a select group of celebrity users including:

The Numbers that Make Twitter Awesome

Once a week, we take a social media platform and examine its numbers. As many people know, I love Twitter. So today

What’s The Deal With WhatsApp

As many of you know, Facebook has recently been acquiring apps in order to dominate the social media market. The interesting thing

Be Happy: Internet Video Production is Simple

The neighborhoods of Chicago’s southside are among the poorest and roughest in the country. In the heart of Chicago’s southside lies a

LinkedIn: All Business By the Numbers

As a marketing person, as a salesperson, as a business owner, and as an entrepreneur, I love LinkedIn. You can tell when

4 Sure Ways to Expand Your Pinterest Followers

Do you love Pinterest, but don’t have enough followers to repin your material? Don’t worry, we can help you help yourself with

Facebook: The Stats Business Marketers Need to Know

I think that everyone knows that there are 1.23 billion active users on Facebook. It is such a profound number that it

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Restaurateurs

One day a week, we are trying to offer digital marketing tips for specific industries. I think the food industry is one

There is Promise in Paper… A New App from Facebook

In the 98 blog posts prior to this one, we typically have stayed away from coverage of specific apps. Today, on our

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