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Recharging Twitter: Five Steps to Refreshing Your Twitter Presence

I have recently become a Twitter maniac. For the first year of my business, I tweeted very often with my company account.

Three Shocking Twitter Facts and What They Mean to You

When people begin developing a social media plan for their business they tend to start by focusing on Facebook. And who can blame them? Facebook

Can Your Tweet Be Beat: Twitter Analytics

When looking at social media analytics, oftentimes Facebook steals the limelight for businesses. But something new is in town and it comes

3 Steps to Curating Kick-Ass Content for Business on Twitter

Hey! Thanks for stopping in today and reading what we have to offer. Today’s blog is focused on business owners looking to

How to Reach Teens on Twitter

Can you believe Facebook is already 10 years old? I remember when I was a teen on Myspace thinking the platform would

Esurance’s Twitter Success Story – Save30

Boxless Media was founded on the premise that in order for you to succeed in business, you have to be a little

Twitter: the 2014 Facelift

Twitter is looking a little different starting yesterday. Before yesterday, it had been rolled to a select group of celebrity users including:

The Numbers that Make Twitter Awesome

Once a week, we take a social media platform and examine its numbers. As many people know, I love Twitter. So today

Scheduling Social Media with Buffer App

Scheduling social media engagements is an important part of any rock solid social media strategy. To see the five steps of creating

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