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The Day Ellen Broke Twitter

Every week we discuss the success of a company or brand on social media, and that’s great but we often overlook at

Twitter Power: Just Listen and You Will Be Rewarded

I am a huge fan of podcasts. Living in a major metropolis (Chicago), the radio stations seem to always play the same

Engaging Your Followers: Sometimes Being Regular Isn’t Best

There is a great battle in social media between those who believe that you should schedule your engagements and those who think

Content Marketing: It only starts with the Blog

This week, we are talking about content marketing. We started with defining it and exploring the numbers that demonstrate its success. Then

Twitter: The Epidemic of Talking to Yourself

I don’t think many people truly understand Twitter and that is a shame. I am going to try to explain Twitter today

Social Media Followers: What’s Your Number?

What’s your number? justinbieber ‘s is more than 45 million on Twitter alone. ladygaga is right behind him with a little more

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