Content Marketing: Learning to Evangelize

Sep 12, 2014
Jason Baumann


On Monday we discussed what content marketing is and different types of content (Read that article here). Then, Ryan took you through where to post your content (Read that article here). Now I would talk about the final step and perhaps the most important… evangelization or spreading your message. As the graduate of a Catholic high school seminary, this word was used so much. Today, as the owner of a digital marketing firm, I am reminded of its importance.

Once you have posted great content, it becomes essential to share that content with others. We are going to take you through five ways to evangelize your blog content.

Spread Your Message on Social

This may sound obvious, but start by sharing your blog entries on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page. If you have a budget and the posting is important, think about creating an ad on Facebook for the entry. You can highly target the ad to very specific demographics. Tweet a link to your article regularly. Many speculate that the life of a tweet is less than a minute, so don’t be afraid to tweet regularly. Finally, everything on Google+ is indexed, so make sure you include keywords in your promotion there. It is very critical.

Engage in Groups (and Share)

Next, after you create a posting on your social sites, visit groups on that platform that relate your article. Each platform has their own form of groups. Facebook and LinkedIn have groups. Twitter has TwitterChats. Google+ has communities and hangouts. Check out the groups and, if appropriate, respond to related content with a pertinent response and a link to your content. DO NOT GO TO RANDOM PLACES AND POST LINKS. This will hurt you in so many ways.

Engage with other Blogs (and Share)

Check out other blogs that relate to your blog content and find related articles. After reading their blogs respond with a relevant content and a link to your blog.

Find Leads and Share

Each platform has some cool search features. For example, you can use Facebook’s search box to find people who live near a certain location who like certain things (or pages). Search for leads, introduce yourself and share your content. For more information about the different search capabilities, check out our article on lead generation. You can read that article here.

Be Creative and Network

Finally, the most successful people online are the ones who are most creative and think without the constraints of a box – way beyond outside the box. When you are online, tell people about your blog. Share stories on the bottom of your email signature. There are so many ways.

Content marketing is about creating compelling and useful content but it doesn’t end with the creation. It continues through the sharing of your message. We spend more time sharing our blogs than creating each post and each post we create takes a good amount of time.

How do you share your content? Did we miss something? Let us know below with a comment!

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