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Jan 13, 2014
Jason Baumann

content marketing

If you want to be successful online, the key is an effective content marketing strategy. In fact, content marketing is the biggest buzzword in marketing today. This week, we cover all different aspects of content marketing in this blog. Today, we begin by defining it and explaining why it is important.

Right now, the companies that do best on the web and in search engine results are the ones that produce the most content. Search engines are in the business of connecting users with content. Websites that provide them with the most information are indexed the most aggressively and show up most often in their results. So the key to success in online search is the regular posting of great content. Companies that help businesses succeed online have recognized this and have devised a concept called Content Marketing.

Content Marketing Defined
I think one of the best definitions of content marketing comes from the Huffington Post. They define content marketing as “a targeted marketing strategy that involves creating insightful, engaging and interesting written content with the aim of creating customer loyalty and increasing opportunities for future business.” There are three parts to this definition that are really important. The three parts will be explained below.

Insightful, Engaging and Interesting Content
People go online seeking information. They do not go online seeking sales pitches. Search engines look for information. So the best thing to do is provide that information. Whatever your industry is, provide the best information about it and you will be noticed. Do not be afraid to give away information either. I work with attorneys and they are very hesitant to offer too much information online. The same is the case with the medical field. Within the scope of the law, offer as much information as possible. When specific information is needed, they will see you as an information leader and seek your counsel.

If you post information about immigration, changes in its laws and requirements for citizenship, your site will be valued. When the person is ready for an attorney, you will the one they call. An important thing is to make sure you provide content and not links to content. The difference seems small in this post but is very significant. If you provide a link to a government’s website, why would search engines include you in their results. They are much smarter than they were years ago.

A Targeted Marketing Strategy
The next critically important aspect of this definition is that it is a “targeted marketing strategy.” First of all, you must be a marketer. The amount of information you can provide is immense and trying to provide all of that would be too overwhelming. So the secret is to use what you learn in Marketing 101. Identify your target market and create engaging content for that audience. The best thing to do is to spend an hour in your client’s shoes, think about what they are looking for and then write with that in mind.

Create Customer Loyalty and Increasing Opportunities for Future Business
Finally, this is a great definition because it touches on both customer acquisition and retention. While we are looking to expand our business, it is important for us to remember that existing customers represent a large portion of our internet users. You cannot forget to use your website and social media presence to ensure that your existing clients remain your clients.

If there is a lesson to learn this week, remember that content is king and if you deliver quality, targeted content, you will do well online.

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