Content Marketing: That’s a Wrap…

Jan 17, 2014
Jason Baumann

content marketing

This week, we spent a lot of time on content marketing but we did so because it is that important. We defined it on Monday, analyzed the numbers that support its importance on Tuesday, talked about blogging (one key type of content marketing) on Thursday, and finally discussed promoting your content yesterday. Today, I thought we would wrap things up and look at some great examples.

The Wrap Up
Success online in 2014 means that there needs to be some sort of content marketing in your social media strategy. We spoke about blogs but that is not the only type of content. Consider publishing tutorials, white papers, case studies or instructional videos. There are so many ways you can publish content. Start with producing and publishing great content. Then implement a plan for sharing that content effectively. That will bring you success.

Who is Doing it Well?

Charmin “Sit or Squat” – Content marketing is about providing internet users with valuable information. Charmin may have taken this to a new level with the “Sit or Squat” campaign. It is an app to help people find clean public restrooms. As someone who underwent abdominal surgery this year, I can personally attest to the importance of this information. Charmin took a basic need and gave access to millions of people with smart phones (and branded it). It was a brilliant campaign. – Kraft did a great thing in the world of content marketing by launching This special site features recipes, tips and ideas that all require Kraft products. It was about giving valuable content to the average internet user and associating their brand with that content. It sounds simple, but epitomizes what content marketing is about.

Lowes – Lowes did two great things. First they published a great deal of instructional videos online. It is content marketing in the most raw sense. But then they went a step further. They created a platform for users to store their purchases online so that they could match them in the future. It was a brilliant strategy that helped them differentiate Lowes from their competitors who don’t do too much online. It was also a way to promote brand loyalty to their customers. It practically required shoppers to commit solely to buying certain products from a single source.

Coca-Cola is the biggest brand on Facebook. They are truly leaders in social media and many people look to them for leadership in that space. They have validated the importance of content marketing in their Content 2020 Advertising Strategy Mission Statement. They say, “All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity. If you’re going to be successful around the world, you have to have fat and fertile ideas at the core.”

When it comes to content (and maybe only content), follow the leader and be “fat and fertile.” Create great content. Don’t stop creating it. Publish it all and promote to everyone. While it may seem complicated, it’s rather simple.

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