How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

Aug 01, 2014
Abraham Villegas


At any moment, a Facebook user could see any of 1,500 pieces of eligible content. With the ever changing Facebook Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm, businesses and marketers are now struggling to produce creative and compelling posts. Where tactics like memes and like-baits were once effective, Facebook now requires a skill set in developing a compelling post.

How do I create awesome posts on Facebook?

Creating compelling content is a more than filling in the blanks and attaching an image. To ensure you receive the highest results when posting, get yourself a correctly sized picture. Using the right size photo maximizes the impact of your post. Tag people, businesses, and other major entities when relevant. Use proper hash tags accordingly, two or three will suffice. Lastly, apply a sharing strategy.

The Optimal Facebook Image

The optimal size images are at least 1200×630. This allows for the best resolution on larger devices. At the very least, 600×315 images should be used to have the best display on your post. Using anything smaller than 600×315 will automatically resize into a smaller image placed on the left hand side with the meta description on the right. If you can’t picture what it looks like, let me help you. It looks terrible. Also, you don’t have to include text in your photo. If you do and you choose to boost the post later, be sure that no more than 20% of space has text or Facebook will deny your ad. Click here for Facebook’s tool to test your image for the 20% rule.

Tagging my Post

Tagging is a great way to get more exposure, but only do so when relevant and possible. Make sure they fit naturally with your copy, otherwise the post just looks weird. When tagging a page, start with the @ sign and type the page you’re looking for. Hit enter and the page will become hyperlinked in the post. If you are referencing any brand, tag it. If you are referencing a person, tag them. This will help your post be seen by more people.

Which hash tags should I use for a Facebook post?

The realm of hash tags always creates an interesting discussion. To be simple, don’t use anything you haven’t researched. Do a quick search on the platforms you’re on for the hash tag you want to use. If there’s a ton of people already using them chances are your posts will be more visible but it could get lost in the crowd. If no one is using them, you can use this opportunity to brand your own. Whatever you do, keep them short and simple or people won’t use them. The best strategy is to include a few hash tags, one very broad and one more specific – this will expose your post to a variety of different people.

The Best Time to Post

This is one of the most popular questions people ask me and I don’t have an easy answer for you. It completely depends on your audience and since your audience is different than mine, I cannot answer it. Our recommendation is that you try posting every day for a week at one time, then try a different time the next week and possibly a different time during the third week. Find the time and days that work best. Monday evenings may be better than Monday mornings or afternoons. Friday morning may be better than Friday afternoon or evening. Success will come if you test it and then repeat what works best.

Importance of sharing a strategy

Above all else, the most important aspect of your posts is the way you share it. Posting it and wishing for the best is not enough. Posting it twice is not enough. Asking your friends to share it for you isn’t enough. What is enough is creating a strategy designed to expose your post to its fullest potential. Remember to reflect back on your goals. Once you’ve done that, determine how you will share the post elsewhere. Think about sharing your posts on the pages of organizations, groups or people who may be interested in your post.

There’s no perfect way to create a post. It requires a lot of trying, a lot of experimenting, and probably a lot of failing. However success doesn’t come from how many times you fail, it comes from how many times you get back up to try again. Keep these strategies in mind and you’ll soon find the sweet spot to your marketing efforts. If you’re still struggling or have already found something that work, share it with us on our blog or on our Facebook page!

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