As the world around us continues to evolve and go digital, the benefits of Digital Marketing are becoming more prevalent every day. Having a strong digital presence is beneficial for all business types. At Boxless, we work with a lot of clients in the Real Estate Industry who are looking to maximize their Digital Marketing efforts. Here are some tips to help get you started:

Add Instagram

Instagram is a rapidly growing social media platform that has become very business friendly within the last year. Users now have the ability to run ads and see the analytics so you can track the impact of your content. How does Instagram help Realtors? People LOVE to see “behind the scenes.” Think about all of the Real Estate based reality shows that give insight into the many different aspects of Realty and home-buying. There are many simple things you can show that give people a peak behind the curtain via photo and video: Show off the community, give us a glimpse into your experience preparing a home, post a picture of a happy couple after they’ve found “the one.” If you’re trying to increase your digital presence, Instagram is a great, simple tool to take advantage of.

Advertise listings to targeted audiences

The nice thing about Targeted Marketing is that you can aim your digital content at a preferred audience which allows you to prioritize where your content goes. Demographics, location and behaviors are just a few ways you can narrow your audience. If you have a listing in a certain area that you think is perfect for newlyweds, you can set a targeted ad to all newlyweds in or near a location. Directing your listings allows you to make sure the ad hits the right audience.


Reviews Matter

No matter the industry, reviews are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s important to know how to handle all types of reviews, good and bad. Research shows that of the 90% of all consumers who regularly consult reviews, 98% would give an online review as much credibility as a personal recommendation from a friend. It’s quite simple, reviews from people like us give us insight into how we would feel making the same choice. It’s always good to ask clients, contractors and other people you work with to leave a review, but remember, not all reviews will be positive. If you get a bad review, don’t confront the customer or hide the review. Even if you feel a complaint is meritless, handling a negative review in a positive manner with transparency and poise allows potential customers to see how you resolve issues and gives them insight into the type of customer service they’ll receive.

Create an Agent Business Page

There are many benefits to creating a Facebook Business Page for yourself as an agent. Social Media is a vast network with billions of users which means you can get your professional page out in front of a much larger audience than sharing to just a network of friends. The best part? Starting a business page is free! A business page will help you establish your presence as a Real Estate professional through your posted content, available information, and reviews. The ability to expand your brand as an agent and establish a consistent social media presence will help build brand loyalty. Recommendations, reviews, quality content, all of these things will help sway people towards choosing you!


Network with other professionals online

Networking is a great way to expand your effectiveness within the industry through creating connections and business leads. Do you have a Real Estate Attorney you enjoy working with? A stager that does remarkable work? Have them leave a review, maybe they’ll share your page! It’s important to create positive working relationships with all types of people within the industry. Making yourself known to other professionals helps open a lot of doors, especially when people are looking for referrals. Networking also allows you to discuss and identify new strategies and business trends that other Realtors might be utilizing that you can implement.

Bonus Tip: Create a lead magnet for home buyers

First off, what is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is some sort of incentive that marketers offer to a potential buyer in exchange for their e-mail or other contact information. The goal of a lead magnet is to maximize the number of leads you get for an offer. Lead magnets don’t need to be long or complicated, they just need to provide the consumer with content that has value to their situation and is easily accessible. You want the content to be specific and you want the content to demonstrate your knowledge within the Real Estate field. A few good examples of Lead Magnets are resources lists like “things to consider when buying a new home,” first time homebuyer cheat sheets, local guidebooks for the surrounding community, or any other content else that benefits and incentivizes the user to share their e-mail.

These simple tips should help you expand your Digital Marketing presence without needing to do a whole lot. Digital Media is constantly evolving so it is important to stay current in your marketing efforts. In a day and age where a consumer can pull out their cell phones and get all of the information they need right at their fingertips, your online presence holds more weight now than ever before.



























































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