Digital Advertising 101: Tips for Succeeding Digital Advertising

Jul 11, 2014
Jason Baumann


The purpose of digital advertising is to bring people to your website. Of any media, I think digital advertising is the most exciting. No other media allows you to target so finely and accurately. No other media allows you to reach such targeted populations.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is the act of producing a message and pushing it out to a specific population through a digital media including search engines, social media platforms, websites, and mobile devices. These are only a few of the possible places to advertise. With an ever changing digital world, the options are expanding daily.

Accurate Targeting

Digital advertising allows companies to reach very specific audiences. Using search terms, a company can reach people shopping for a specific product or reading about a certain topic online. Basically an advertiser can reach someone searching for anything online.

Tailored Messaging

In traditional advertising, messaging was created by a design team and then often test marketed in focus groups or with other research methods. For a big campaign, crafting the message was so important that it often took longer than the execution of the advertising schedule. Now, digital advertising allows you to created tailored messages for small, highly targeted people. If your target audience includes lawyers and actors, you can now, easily, tailor your message to each demographic. This allows you to create more effective ads that will better reach specific people.

Affordable and Effective

A small company could never compete with a large corporation in the advertising world. Now they can, maybe not with the reach of a national brand, but certainly in a small market. Digital advertising has made this possible. Small companies have access to the same advertising platforms as large companies. A small company surely could not buy a Superbowl ad, but they can both target the same audience on Facebook ads or Google AdWords.

Tips for Digital Advertising

As someone who has spent many years of his career in advertising, the transition to digital advertising was so much fun and is one of my favorite parts of Digital Marketing. Boxless Media is extremely successful in our digital advertising efforts. So much so, that one of our current customers has seen a 500% increase in effectiveness than with their previous agency. How do we do it? Well we can’t tell you everything, but here are a few tips to keep in mind…

  • Start by identifying several, highly targeted audiences
  • Create separate campaigns for each of those markets with separate ads/messaging
  • Try different platforms – Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Measure results and react accordingly. If something isn’t working, change it
  • Continue what works best only. Stop everything else.
  • Take advantage of trial discounts. Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Bing and other places will give you discounts to try their platforms. Try them. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

Digital Advertising is a lot of fun and if you let it be that, you will do well. There are so many different opportunities out there to explore. Discover. Play. Succeed.

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