Do You Have a Social (Media) Calendar?

Oct 08, 2013
Jason Baumann

social media calendar

The best advice that I can offer any business is to: build a social media calendar; create great content; and post (and cross-post) according to that schedule.Your fans and followers will learn your schedule and begin to look for your content. More importantly, Google and other search engines will love you. So here are the three steps to great content management.

  1. Build a Social Media Calendar – Do you have enough content to post hourly? every couple hours? daily? weekly? bi-weekly? Whatever you decide, create a calendar with posts and stick to that calendar religiously. The calendar should list days, times and platforms of each post.
  2. Create Great Content – Average content is just that – average. Sometimes regurgitating average content is okay, but creating great, fresh content is always better. So even if you are sharing some knowledge you have learned from other blogs or websites, infuse your own flavor into the conversation.
  3. Post (and Cross-Post) According to the Schedule –¬†¬†Once you have created the content, post it to one social media platform (I used Tumblr) and then post links to that post with keywords on every other social media account in which you have access. Post it with #hashtags. Post it anywhere and everywhere. People will take notice and follow. You may not get 10,000 followers in a day, but you will build a high quality following – those who are interested in your content.

Almost any social media or SEO expert will offer you this same great advice. The first advantage to this system is that followers will learn your schedule. The more important advantage is that the search engines will love you more. And when Google is happy, everyone is happy! Soon your search engine rankings will soar through the roof.

Happy posting!

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