Esurance’s Twitter Success Story – Save30

Apr 16, 2014
Jason Baumann

Esurance Save30 Twitter Success

Boxless Media was founded on the premise that in order for you to succeed in business, you have to be a little different. Today we are excited to tell the story of a company who thought a little outside the box and then applied that to social media, more specifically Twitter. Now every year, companies spend millions of dollars on Superbowl advertising.

Esurance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allstate that promises to save their customers money, did something a little bit different. Instead of the expected Super Bowl advertising buy, they bought an ad after the game. By doing so, they saved $1.5 million. They decided to give those savings to one person who tweeted as instructed in the commercial.

Who was that person? John from Northern California. For security purposes, they didn’t share much more information than that. But the presentation was shown live on Jimmy Kimmel. John and his expecting wife were shown in a state of utter disbelief. A simple tweet to #EsuranceSave30 changed their life.

On a day that is dominated by advertising and social media buzz, Esurance made quite an impression. According to Topsy, the hashtag was used in almost 4 million tweets. Esurance was seen by many of the same viewers. Their messaging of saving money was abundantly clear in their actions. And they got prime airing on Jimmy Kimmel. It was different than what every one else was doing on a day when people were striving to stick out.

The social media aspect of this was simple. A simple tweet. A simple (but long) hash tag. A huge response. One of the messages with this is that it is not about spending money in advertising. It’s more about being creative. By doing that, you will gain so much more traction.

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