Creating a Successful Facebook Advertising Strategy

Jul 30, 2014
Jason Baumann

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be very powerful.

At Boxless Media we have seen some very specific, measurable accomplishments from our clients’ advertising plans. I am going to take you through a few steps that are critical in implementing an effective Facebook advertising strategy.

Set Goals

We at Boxless Media are big on goals. Before you can start out on strategy, you have to come up with some specific measurable goals about what you are out to accomplish. For a great article about setting SMART goals, check out this blog article. Remember that goals should be aligned with your business goals. So don’t set goals to build a fan base of 1 million. Instead, set goals like $50,000 in business attributed to Facebook advertising, etc. These are much more valuable. You can have all the fans in the world, but if you don’t have sales, your business is sure to fail.

Create a Compelling Ad

People often forget about this step. Many companies just post anything – a recent blog posting, etc. That is counterproductive. Really spend some time on creating great writing and visuals. You have to understand what text goes where and where to use headlines vs. abbreviated body copy. Once you create that perfect, compelling ad, then proceed.

Target Your Perfect Audience

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that people target the wrong audience. First, be specific – very specific. Don’t look for people who could be customers. Look for those who are the perfect, most profitable, customer, then reach out to them. You can target people who don’t know your company or you can target your customers or website visitors. There are so many opportunities.

Be an Educated Advertiser

We often see small businesses throw some money at an advertising idea and just let it go. They have to do it because they have to “advertise.” That is a terrible mindset. You have to be an involved, active and educated advertiser. First, advertise is short time frames to see if you are getting tracking. If you are not, make the appropriate changes. Change your targeting. Change your artwork. Change your copy. If it is not working, something needs to be changed. Do it. Finally, Facebook offers great results tracking. Be sure to stay on top of your results and remember, impressions or likes aren’t the goals. Sales or the goals you set in step one are.

Facebook advertising can be very rewarding if done right. Look at the Tough Mudder endurance race. They spend more money social advertising a year than GM and they are very successful. You can be too. Just keep these tips in mind or seek the help of professionals – like us at Boxless Media.

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