Facebook App Success: Do Us a Flavor…

Mar 12, 2014
Abraham Villegas


Today we are checking out a unique brand that excels rather naturally in the realm of social media. They stand out to me for two reasons. For one, I love their line of products. Second, their social media contest offered $1 million dollars or 1% of total 2013 net sales to the winner. So who is this guru brand on social media? It’s the one and only – Frito Lay.

Last July, “Lay’s Do Us a Flavor” gave their consumers the opportunity to create the next chip flavor. Through their Facebook app, Twitter, and Text, consumers started by submitting flavors they would eat, choosing the ingredients, and finally ending with their inspirations. So why is this interesting in the first place for someone involved with social media? It might be due to the fact that the campaign generated approximately 955 million organic Facebook impressions, and just over 1.26 billion Public Relations Impressions. To add to the excitement, Frito-Lay experienced a 12% sales increase.

What really made this campaign really special was their two-step process. The first phase was the kickoff where consumers submitted their flavors as previously stated, but where it got really interesting was when the finalists were named. Between Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread, and Chicken & Waffles – these three flavors battled it off to be saved by the consumers once again by voting every day to keep their favorite flavors alive. This app created so much engagement, that Mark D’Arcy; Director of Global Creative Solutions of Facebook noted Frito-Lay’s app was by far one of the most widely used brand apps in the history of Facebook. Why? Because their content and competition were so easily shareable, while giving consumers the chance to vote on a new product in a fun and innovative way that allowed them to participate in the delicious snack making process.

And before we conclude I’m sure you’re all curious to know who took home the prize. The bread winner of the contest? *Drum roll* Cheesy Garlic Bread! (full pun intended)

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