How to Generate Leads with Twitter Ads

Mar 26, 2015
Ryan O'Keefe

Twitter Ads


Building Your Business With Twitter Ads

Twitter has been showing businesses and marketers a lot of love lately. Their recently improved analytics capabilities paired with their advertising platform are making it pretty clear that Twitter is serious about providing the best possible experience for their users and their corporate partners alike. But now that you know Twitter has some amazing analytics and Twitter ads, how do you utilize these tools to convert more leads?

1) Build up a passionate fan base!

Your followers on Twitter are the best possible type of potential lead. They have opted to follow your brand and are actually interested in what you have to say. They see your brand messaging frequently, and they actively want to engage with you. Not only are they great potential leads themselves, but they are a doorway to all of their followers who also may be great leads. Having these potential brand advocates as followers can really boost your conversion rates and spread your message quickly. Developing this network is part of laying the groundwork for success with Twitter ads.

2) Target the correct audience.

You want your ads to be seen by people who actually convert into customers right? Along with your active followers, you can target a custom audience that you think should be potential customers. Take some time and figure out who your ideal customer is, and target them with Twitter’s myriad of demographic and interest options.

3) Cast a wide net.

Being actively involved on Twitter isn’t quite enough if you want to stand out. Creating and sharing great content while interacting with followers and other brands is a strong start, but promoting your tweets can really help put your brand message in the limelight. Social media is about nurturing a huge amount of valuable connections all at once, and promoted tweets are a great tool for spreading your message.

4) Analyze your results and adapt.

Now that you have run a campaign with Twitter ads and gotten some positive results, take the time to look through your analytics. Determining what works, what doesn’t, and getting to direct your ad dollars in the most efficient ways possible are what analytics are all about. Sometimes the platform is right, but the targeting needs some work. Make sure to entertain different possibilities and give yourself the best chance to succeed.

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