Company LinkedIn Pages: How To Do It Right

Apr 17, 2014
Abraham Villegas

LinkedIn Company Page

There’s all this hype about how every business needs to get on LinkedIn in order to expand but what most businesses are confused on is what to do next. They’ve created their company LinkedIn page, and they’ve started to build it, but now what? Getting on LinkedIn was the easy part but managing it seems to be what holds most of them back. Even people who already have a page often struggle to keep it credible, impressive, and current.

1. What if I don’t have a company LinkedIn page?

If you haven’t set up a company LinkedIn page, be sure to set some time aside to make the page look both credible and professional. The time you put in is an investment for your business. Before creating a page, do a search to make sure no one else has already created it or a misspelled version of it. If something is already created but hasn’t been set up, you may be able to claim it to avoid confusion in the future. Once you have a page, add your administrative team who will be helping you manage the it. Set these roles up early on to establish accountability in any activity that occurs on LinkedIn.

2. Complete your profile information

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, you can’t imagine how many company LinkedIn pages still fail to adequately fill out their info. Potential employees or business prospects are less likely to take you serious if you can’t put in the time to properly market yourself. Fill in the web address, logo, location, contact information, pictures, a cover image, and a few paragraphs on what your organization does and who benefits from its existence. Add every last detail that you can including what specialties your company offers.

3. Get the employees involved

There’s a few ways you can do this. The first is by asking your employees to connect with you on LinkedIn so you can add to the employees section. If they are not on LinkedIn yet, highly encourage them to set it up and get connected. In the mean time, a shorter route to getting your employees on LinkedIn is to use the cover image and set up a picture of your team. If you want other uses for your cover image instead, use it to visually summarize your brand or display current campaigns you may be running.

4. Engage

Post regularly, and ask people for reviews. Maintaining connectivity with your audience and your advocates will give others a good image of who your company is and what it does. Doing so will not only start to make you known, your status updates will begin to appear in news feeds of your audience. When you post a job related status, your audience can help job seekers and passive candidates stay in the loop of your activities. In keeping things current, be sure to remove positions that are no longer available to avoid frustration of dead links and filled positions. Aside from job postings, you can also post about your campaigns, upcoming events, related news, press releases or PR, blog posts and so much more.

5. Check Employees and Analytics

When you go to ‘View all employees’ under ‘Careers’, you can see everyone who has listed you as their employer on LinkedIn. Comb through the list to ensure that everyone who has you listed is still a current employee. Often times, these people can be ex-employees or just impersonating employment. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want potential customers contacting the wrong people right? As for your analytics, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Therefore, you need to know how you’re doing so you know where to improve. Check these monthly, or bi-monthly if you are seeing more activity.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the management of your company LinkedIn page is what will ultimately drive people to you. With that said, what are you currently doing to manage your company page and how can we at Boxless better help you do so? If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. Leave us a comment, or connect with us on Twitter @BoxlessMedia.

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