4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

May 28, 2014
Abraham Villegas

Improving a Facebook page

Do you have a Facebook page or are you looking to make one?

How do you know what a good Facebook page consists of? The answer is simple really. Each page is unique in the sense that it provides a different style of elements for you to be entertained with. From pictures, videos, and engaging questions, pages are a way to build a community around your business, idea, or cause. Unfortunately Facebook does not work in a ‘If you build it, they will come’ sort of fashion. If you pay attention to variety pages you like, you may start to notice some common elements they tend to use. In today’s post we’ll discuss some of these elements and how you can incorporate them into your own social media strategy.

Appropriate Profile & Cover Photos

As you build your Facebook page, scan through some pages you like and see what distinguishes them from the rest. The first thing you may notice is their profile picture and cover photo. These are the most important elements in improving your page as this picture will be seen everywhere on Facebook spanning from your followers’ news feed, to comments you’ve made on other posts and pages. As soon as someone hovers over your page name, the images will appear. Consider the size of your profile picture and cover photo to make sure the images fit within the borders. Your images should give users a clear indication of who you are or what you do so your page becomes more recognizable.

Optimize Your About Section for SEO

Because most of the page rank factors fall under the social media umbrella, Facebook’s ‘about’ section is used in the Search Engine Optimization process. Take the time to make your ‘about’ section the place where you enter the most compelling information. Use buzz words and phrases that will make your page stand out in whatever industry it falls under. Don’t try to fit as many words as you can in there, it’s about the quality of your section as opposed to the quantity.

Offer Platform Specific Content on Your Facebook Page

Having consistency in your social media efforts is key, but it’s also a good idea to offer exclusive content to users who reach you through specific platforms. Giving people an incentive to come to your Facebook page as opposed to your Twitter can increase the traffic between your networks. Well then that raises the question, will this drive people away from one platform and onto another? The answer is that you can offer consistent content while adding exclusive content to each platform. That will drive the appropriate users to the right networks, but you can always switch it up and try something else in order to experiment with what works best for you. Having a strategy is imperative, but learning to measure and adjust is more important than the strategy alone.

Measure and Adjust

Social media isn’t about writing a plan down and never looking back. In reality its the exact opposite. You have to track your performance, and adjust as you go. This allows us to know where you stand and how far you can go in the future. It also gives you an indication of what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to interpret the information and make managerial decisions in your business. You can use tools like Facebook Insights for your analytics since it’s easy to access and very convenient. We use it here and Boxless and it has definitely helped us track our progress. Through measuring our results, we were able to find that posting 5 times a week was no more effective than posting twice a week. By measuring our efforts, we were able to use our time and resources for higher priority tasks. Try out a variety of these things to see what works for you and experiment with some elements that you like from the pages you thought about earlier.

Have you done anything else to improve your page? How well did it work? Share it with us on Twitter at @BoxlessMedia or check us out on Twitter!

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