Is Google+ finally on its last leg?

Mar 10, 2015
Ryan O'Keefe


Google+ is splitting up into Photos and Streams

Google+’s status as a social network has been relatively unimpressive from day one. Users lined up behind an invite only barrier to join the network and word spread fast as the excited masses pondered about what a brand like Google could offer in a social network. In the end though all they got was a more cumbersome and less user-friendly Facebook competitor. Google+ seemed to be made just so Google could say they were a player in the social media world.

Google+ found ways to make itself relevant by tying to their other products and focusing on user friendly areas like photos and hangouts, but still it seemed that Google+ was missing its wow factor. That thing that could draw in the younger audience and keep them coming back over and over again simply wasn’t there. For some reason the network had fizzled down to a small group of dedicated users.

Despite its shortcomings Google did manage to create real value with Google+. The platform had over 300 million active users a year ago, and managed to produce hangouts (essentially combining texting, messenger, and video calls all in one place) and Photos (A photo sharing and editing app that ties in social media). In the end only time will tell how this shift will affect the average user and how this may impact everyone’s SEO rankings!

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