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Aug 08, 2014
Jason Baumann

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Today, we would like to continue our conversations about LinkedIn by discussing one its newest features… the LinkedIn Publish Platform. They call it the “definitive professional publishing platform.” At first we were skeptical. Then we started using it and we started to believe.

Content Marketing 101

People turn to the Internet for answers. If you want to be successful online, YOU have to be the one that provides the answers. If you do, and Google knows, you will be connected. The question then becomes, how do you provide that content. We recommend that you do that on your website. You own your website and no one else can ever take that away from you. Then you use social media, search engine optimization, digital advertising and other methods to bring traffic to your site.

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform

In the past few blogs, we have talked about the importance of LinkedIn in reaching the business community. If you need more evidence, check out our blog, LinkedIn: All Business By the Numbers (April 1, 2014). The numbers are convincing. We have now established that Linkedin is an important place to find prospects. We have also established that it is important to provide answers to questions, so the concept of a publishing platform integrated into LinkedIn makes sense. The only issue is that we want all of our content to be on our website. This is where my content marketers would write off the publish platform and where we did at first.

The Power of a Social Network

We were invited to become a part of the publishing platform in its pre-release days but were skeptical. After all, we write a blog that is housed on our website and we want the traffic. But we soon jumped on board and it has been a good ride. We started publishing the articles from our blog on to the publish platform as well. It was easy. After we published to our website, we cut and pasted the content from the blog into LinkedIn and then included a link back to our blog for more great content. Our engagements increased dramatically from when we just posted updates.

The Winning Strategy

The winning strategy for the LinkedIn publishing platform becomes simple then. Use it as traffic generating media, like any social network. Create content there, let it populate through the LinkedIn network and generate awareness and traffic for you. Especially because we are in the early days, posts are getting great traction.

There is so much power in LinkedIn. We can really write blog after blog, on how to leverage its power to build a business. Today we focused on the publishing platform because there is great potential in both content marketing and this platform. Too often people write great content and let it sit. This platform allows you to produce great content in front of a very valuable audience.

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