MeetUp: A True Social Networking Platform

Jul 02, 2014
Abraham Villegas

Boxless Media meets up with Meetup

When we think of social networking, our thoughts quickly bring us to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus. It seems weird to think that we’ve associated the word ‘social’ with interactions on a digital device that are anything but social. That’s why today’s blog focuses on Meetup – a social networking platform that allows people to find others just like them based on common interests, careers, hobbies, etc. For what seems like the first time ever, this social networking site helps people come together and actually meet in a physical setting as opposed to “networking” behind a screen. The cool thing about Meetup is that if you don’t find a group you like, you can always create one. From sports related hobbies to professional networking groups, chances are you’ll find a group to network with. If you come from a business or marketing background, here are three groups you will enjoy.

Meetup With Chicago Online Marketing Groups

Coming from the Windy City, we’ve got an awesome online marketing group where people can meet with others and talk about various topics. Some of these topics include SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), SMM (social media marketing) and any other marketing acronym you can possibly think of. The mission of these groups is to help one another grow in a complicated industry that keeps on evolving. Without the help and support of our own peers, it’d be a lot harder to learn the lessons we can easily obtain from a group like this. This group in specific is free to join and most of them will be, although some may require you to chip in or make a small donation. Before you run away, they do it to offset the costs of keeping the group alive. If you’re actually serious about networking, the price is a small one to pay for the value you’ll get from it.

Groups For Social Media Management

Whether you have questions related to social media or community management, the Chicago Social Media Managers group will let you meet other people in your field. Groups like this offer variety in their events by either hosting guest speakers or simply having drinks while you network. Regardless of the type of event, here is the place where you can speak with others and learn from their struggles or share your own. Whatever you do, this is a group where you can benefit from someone’s knowledge so take advantage of it. Even if you do not live in or near Chicago, search for groups in your area to see what you can find!

Network After Work

Of all the groups we found, I have to say that Network After Work appears to be one of the largest groups on Meetup with over 4,000 networkers just in the Chicago area. This group is large enough that there are over 19 different events that happen across the country. Of the groups you’ll find, this one will probably hold the most value as you will be exposed to over 100 professionals in a single setting. It’s an awesome place to meet professionals in your field as well as those with different experiences and backgrounds. While the other groups are a bit more narrow in focus, Network After Work will help you get the exposure you need to create value in your own business objectives. This is what true social networking looks like.

Social networking can be a scary thing when you’re no longer hiding behind your keyboard. However the value that meetup provides to people who are serious about social networking is immense. I haven’t personally been to one of these but everyone else in my company has. Needless to say they were pretty excited when they came back because they happened to meet someone who is now a client of ours. Pretty cool, right?

What are some other ways to physically meet with professionals? What would you recommend to someone who is trying to start networking? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment or share this article with someone who can benefit from real social networking.

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