IL PGA Digital Marketing Presentation

Click here to download a PDF copy of the presentation delivered by Jason Baumann at the IL PGA Digital Marketing Workshop


List of Important Links


Google MyBusiness

Start getting listed online by claiming your Google Business/Maps listing. The first, critical step in Local SEO. gets you listed in more than 100 different directories online including the major search engines, directories and navigation systems.

Google Review Link Gen

Use this link to automatically generate a review link for Google Reviews. I strongly recommend building a review strategy.


PGA-Only Local SEO Special

Check out If you are interested, get our premium Local SEO service which includes YourNameListed services and more for only $200.


Videography Tools


Phone/Camera Tripod

 A tripod will help you in shooting great video. By stabilizing your phone or camera, you will take a much higher quality video. Get more information at:

Gooseneck Support

This Gooseneck support is a little easier to setup and store than a full tripod. It is a simple and very cheap way to get support if you have something nearby to clip it to. Get more information at:

Cell Phone Stabilizer

 If you are going to take more adventurous video, a stabilizer may be a great choice for your video toolbox. You can also mount a stabilizer to the top of a tripod to make panning more smooth. Get more information at:

Portable Video Constant Light Source

High quality video is all about proper lighting. If you are planning on shooting video indoors, this is a great light to add to your toolbox. Get more information at:

Lavalier Microphone

 While cell phones can take amazing video, they often lack quality in audio recording. This is simple microphone can dramatically improve the quality of your video. Get more information at:

Boom Microphone

 If you do not want to wear a lavalier microphone, a boom mic may be your best choice. Consider this, slightly more expensive, but more convenient option for the golf pro. Get more information at:

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Sample Digital Marketing Packages


Digital Advertising Package
Complete Digital Marketing Package
Digital Advertising Package

Digital Advertising Package

Facebook has the most robust advertising network ever made available to business owners and marketers. With more than 2 billion monthly users, and 68% of all Americans on Facebook, we can reach the people who are most likely to visit your golf course and show them compelling ads. We can target both local and visiting golfers. Each month, we will produce two ads and show those ads a combined total of roughly 10,000 targeted people. Call for special PGA pricing.

Complete Digital Marketing Package

Complete Digital Marketing Package

Effective, strategic social media is a critical component of a golf course’s or instructor’s best marketing plan. But social media must be strategic. Many businesses simply post themselves or neglect social media. As leaders in the industry and led by a nationally-recognized digital strategist, our team combines industry intelligence, the best strategic minds and a mastery of social advertising. (And most of us are golfers) These are the skills required for results. We will post three posts per week on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. These posts will be written and designed by experts and select posts will be targeted to people who are most probable to visit your course. This package includes complete community management by the Boxless team – a skilled social strategist will respond on your behalf to all comments and reviews posted on your social sites. Call for special PGA pricing.


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