Post and Repost: The Final Step in Building a Social Media Strategy

Nov 08, 2013
Jason Baumann

social media strategy

This week have went through the five steps of creating a social media plan. The first step is to identify your target market. Next you must match the right social media platforms with the segments of your target audience. Create a schedule of engagements and then create great content. Finally, the fifth step is to post, re-post, and post again – everywhere.

Creating great content is good but if people don’t see it, you are wasting your time. The trick is to post your content on one platform like your website or a Tumblr blog and then repost links to that content with teasers on every other social media platform.

Here are some tips:

  1. Post on Facebook – Facebook is the mother of social media platforms. It has the biggest pool of potential followers. You can also promote your posts using highly targeted advertising campaigns. Facebook also recognizes hashtags but I am not sure that people are searching with them yet.
  2. Post on Twitter – I have found that because of the high level of interactivity, the number of followers on Twitter for many businesses far exceed the number of followers on Facebook. I strongly encourage you to post links to your content on Twitter several times a day with different hash tags.
  3. Post on Google+ – We all know that Google loves people who love Google. If you post on Google+, you will find yourself rising in the ranks of search enginge results pages. Google+ also supports hash tags.
  4. Post on your other key social media platforms. Earlier in the social media planning process, you have identified the platforms that would best reach your potential customers. Make sure you post regularly to any of these platforms as well.

What makes social media social is the sharing of information. After you have created great content, you must share that information with the world. They way you do that is by posting it everywhere.

I encourage you to revisit these five steps and build a social media plan that will work for your organization. If you feel like you need help creating a strategy, there are organizations like Boxless Media ( that can help you.

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