Got Purpose? Understanding the Purpose of Social Media

Jul 09, 2014
Jason Baumann

Boxless Media Blog: Got Purpose

At Boxless Media, we stay away from discussing things like religion and politics. But today, we are going to make an exception and must talk a little religion. Religions around the world implore people to search for their purpose in life. Personal coaches recommend you do the same. Business coaches as well. Today, as a digital marketer, I am going to recommend that you look at your various marketing tools and ask, do they “got purpose?”

In discussing social media with people, I often hear, “why do I need to be on Facebook?” or “what is the point of Twitter?” That is the topic of today’s discussion. We are also going to discuss the role of social media in digital marketing.

The Purpose of Social Media

The answer to the question is simple. Yes, social media has a real purpose and if you ask 100 digital marketers, I think you will get a variety of different answers. But when it comes down to it…

The purpose of social media is to bring people to you. 

Social Media Has Audiences

There are so many social networks out there – so much that at times it is difficult to differentiate a social network from a website, mobile app or something else. But it is often easiest to just look at the top platforms. Each of these platforms have a very specific audience.

  • Facebook has the biggest audience. With 1.28 billion users, everyone is on it but we are starting to see a small exodus in the lower age demographics (34 and younger) and an increase in the higher age demographics (55+). However, 66% of millennials (15-34 year olds) user Facebook. That’s a pretty impressive number.
  • LinkedIn has an important audience if you are trying to reach professionals online. With 300 million professionals on board, if you are B2B marketer, you are bound to find your customers, great prospects and competitors there.
  • Twitter is also an important platform because 100 million people use it every day and they claim there are about a billion Twitter accounts. For young professionals, Twitter is a way of life and communicating that they are not willing to give up on.
  • Finally, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are also very important and have very unique purposes.

Social Media Moves People

So once you identify who you want to reach and where they are, the next step is to generate the right content to grab their attention. Once you grab their attention, you move them to your website – where the sales process begins. In order for you to be most successful online, you have to look at how prospects become customers through your website. What was the route they took. Did they start with social media posting or a digital ad? Then where did they go. This is all possible if you have the right tools.

It is critical that we all find our purpose in life. I know mine. I know my company’s.  I know social media’s. What’s yours?

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