3 Ways to Reach Women Online

Apr 25, 2014
Abraham Villegas

Women on Social Media

Not so long ago, marketers used a one size fits all strategy to capture an audience. That’s not the way marketing works anymore. Today’s marketing strategies are tailored down to the very specifics of who we want to reach. Thanks to meta data, we are able to organize and interpret large piles of information in order to build a strategy according to each demographic. Women are one of the largest and most powerful demographics out there considering that 85% of all household spending decisions are made by them. That makes them an extremely profitable target audience to reach out to. The key is to ask the right questions and prove to them that you are listening by sending out exactly what they are looking for.

Let’s go over some ways to reach women.

Use the Power of Email to Reach Women

Social media is currently the most trending way to communicate with people, but for women, opt-in email is still the best way to send them coupons and special offers. There’s two reasons for that. The first is that email is still the most trusted resource for special deals and the second is that it still proves to be the best return of investment for a business.

A recent study conducted by Prospectiv showed that 53% of women clipped coupons and that of that 53%, a third of them were more likely to come back because of the initial coupon. Sending coupons and deals via email to women and mommy bloggers is simply something you can’t pass up. Word of the wise though, don’t refer to them as mommy bloggers. Have a sense of humor, most women use email and social media to relieve stress. One good laugh or a surprise and delight will add unexpected value which gets you one step closer to building a connection and obtaining a brand ambassador.

Mommy bloggers

Now, I know I just said not to refer to them as mommy bloggers, but its okay as long as you’re not labeling them directly. That’s because they’re not all moms, and they also have a name that they’d prefer you use. Take the time to actually know them, they can tell when you’re writing a generic message and that tactic won’t work. Go to their blogs, read some of their content and when you contact them be sure to make it personal. Build a relationship before trying to promote your product. If you really want some success, give them free samples or let them use your products free of charge so they can really test it out and see what they like about it.

This is the best way to create word of mouth marketing. Most importantly, pay attention to the small details as these can matter the most when it comes time to pitch your promotion. Once the relationship has been cultivated you can start to create an authentic understanding of your community, so you’ll know what’s being said about your products. Keep in mind people trust other people over companies when making purchasing decisions, so keep it genuine and actually listen to your customers.

Facebook & Pinterest

This should be a given, but Facebook and Pinterest are reported to generate 20% of overall traffic from visitors to sites all across the internet. Overall traffic includes social referrals, both organic and paid search, direct traffic, etc. Of the 20%, 15% of it belongs to the social media giant Facebook, while the other 5% goes to Pinterest. Check out our look at Pinterest stats here. It may sound small in comparison, but with Pinterest being much newer than Facebook, that’s an impressive amount. (Twitter holds third place by the way.) These two platforms is where most of your target audience will be so ensure that your business is on these platforms in order to make the best out of your social media strategy.

Create pages that welcome your customers and make it easy for them to communicate with you. Partake in real time engagement in order to deliver exemplary customer service. Being acknowledged in real time is one of the most appreciated actions by a customer. If you manage to demonstrate excellence in customer service, these two platforms will help your business grow substantially.

We hope that these tips give you some insight on reaching women online and if you have any other tips and tricks that your business uses, we’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment or tweet us @Boxlessmedia.

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