Scheduling Social Media with Buffer App

Apr 07, 2014
Jason Baumann


Scheduling social media engagements is an important part of any rock solid social media strategy. To see the five steps of creating that strategy, download our free e-book here. But for now, I would like to introduce you to an amazing tool that most every social media professional uses and recommends to their clients, the Buffer App. Buffer is a standalone social media scheduling tool that let’s you schedule engagements on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

We use both HootSuite and Buffer at Boxless Media. We schedule specific engagements at specific times with Hoot Suite but Buffer allows us to do something different – something very cool. Buffer allows you to come up with a schedule that you want to send out engagements at. For example, you may want to tweet something every hour from noon until 6pm on weekdays. You can set up this schedule and then just buffer up tweets and they will automatically be dripped according to that schedule.

How is this different than competitors? Most of the competitors want you to schedule specific messages on specific platforms at certain times. This will automatically push out content that is in your queue.

Buffer also has browser extensions that allow you to take schedule engagements with links to specific web pages from within the browser. For example, if you are reading your favorite blog and you realize that your customers would benefit from seeing it, you can use a click a button on your toolbar, and add it to the queue to be sent out according to your schedule.

Buffer also works with different social media platforms. You can set up independent time schedules and when you add a piece of content or an engagement, you can specify which platform(s) you would like it to go out on. Buffer will then add that content to the respective queues.

If you are managing social media for any business, we strongly recommend that you look into Buffer. It is an amazing tools that is free to use. Buffer also has a great blog for social media people. You can check that out at It is a great read because it isn’t just about social media. It is about much more!

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