Digital Advertising

What is Digital Advertising and Why Do I Need It?

Digital advertising is paid promotion of your brand through digital media including search engines, social media platforms, websites, and mobile devices. Paid placement can play a large role in being found online. Given its ease and convenience more and more people turn to online resources to find new products and services. More than 279 million people are online in the United States alone! This new age of digital advertising gives small to medium sized businesses the unprecedented opportunity to directly target their niche market like never before. In fact, it is predicted that digital advertising revenue will surpass television advertising by the year 2018.

Accurate Targeting and Tailored Messaging

Digital advertising allows companies to reach very specific audiences quickly. A traditional advertising campaign can take months to put together and there is no guarantee that they would reach their target market. Now, using industry-relevant keywords and search terms, digital advertising allows you to create tailored messages for small, highly targeted demographics.

Affordable and Effective Advertising

Now, small to medium sized businesses can compete on the same stage as national brands without breaking the bank. Digital advertising costs only a fraction of its traditional counterpart and produces amazing results, from higher brand recognition to increased sales!

Dynamic Online Ads

Digital advertising is a dynamic medium giving advertisers opportunity to create different ads and/or change their messaging at any point. It also allows advertisers to adapt their spending based on results in real time. If something is working very well you can invest more. If an ad is not working, you can allocate dollars elsewhere.

Boxless Media offers the following digital advertising solutions:

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