Facebook Advertising

With more than 1.2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media website. Facebook is more than just fun social sharing–it’s also a way for people to recommend their favorite products to their friends. 47% of Americans say that Facebook is their #1 influencer on purchases. Therefore, Facebook is the perfect place to promote your products and services to consumers.

Targeting and Playing with the Big Boys

Facebook advertising has advanced targeting abilities, allowing you to create ads specific to: locations, demographics, interests and more. The search function even lets you target people who are fans of your competitors. This gives small and medium sized businesses the ability to thrive online right alongside larger corporations without breaking the bank on advertising costs.


Just like Google Adwords, Facebook has incorporated its own remarketing techniques. We can use Facebook’s Ad Manager to insure that once a consumer has visited or liked your page, they will see ads for your products and services show up in their feed. The more visibility you have on the web, the more customers you’re going to get!

Facebook advertising is an amazing opportunity to reach so many people. Boxless Media will help you create shareable content that creates brand awareness, increases traffic to your website, generates leads, and more!

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