Yahoo! Bing Advertising

Broaden Your Reach with the Yahoo! Bing Network

Advertising on the Yahoo! Bing Network is a valuable addition to an online advertising strategy. Microsoft is investing a great deal of money and resources into Bing and integrating it into Windows 8, Xbox, phones, tablets and more. Because of Bing’s commitment to transparency there are opportunities for advertisers to understand its search algorithm and improve their quality score in ways that you can only infer with Google. As if that wasn’t enough, here are four more reasons why you should be advertising on Bing.

  • There are 150 million unique searchers on this platform.
  • 45 million searchers do not use Google at all and can only be reached via Bing.
  • Yahoo! Bing Network users spend 22% more money than Google users and are more likely to convert once they’ve found what they are looking for.
  • The Yahoo! Bing Network is less crowded so there is a great opportunity to be seen by an impressive audience.
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