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Percent of Users Access Social Media From a Mobile Device
Percent of Americans say Facebook is Their #1 Influencer of Purchases
Billion Internet users around the world, and counting
Million of Those Users are Located in the United States

Have you ever wondered who’s on the other side? Everything from where your customers come from to a profile of who they are, measuring analytics is a proven way of getting to know your audience and gain deeper insights you wouldn’t otherwise have.

MEASUREMENT: Write Down Your Goals

We believe you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And if you can’t measure, you can’t improve. And if, nevermind – You get the point already, don’t you? We find out where your audience is, determine what you want to achieve and then focus on tracking the right metrics to get you there.

From a social perspective, we’ll keep an eye out on your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as impressions, engagements and much more to help us determine what is and isn’t working. On the web side, we’ll can see who visits your site, where they spending time and most importantly, how many visitors convert into customers!


Too busy for 10 page reports? Don’t worry. Rather than handing you a boat load of data, our analytical ninjas will break down all the bits and bytes to bring you valuable insights. We can build you custom reports ranging from simple to advanced and, better yet, we can even automate them to ensure you have them on a timely schedule. Want the data instead? We’ll export it at your convenience. Yeah, we’re that good. Here’s what you can expect to see:

» Web Traffic
» SEO Progress
» Page Visits
» Link Growth
» Click Through Rates
» Bounce Rates
» Social Growth


Lather, rinse, repeat. That’s what we do with shampoo. In a similar way, the same process goes for analytics. You can guess this is the part where we “repeat”. After we’ve collected all the information and break it down, we use the insights to help you:

Improve Your Presence

Once we know where your audience spends the most time, we’ll go ahead and make sure your brand is well established there.

Make Informed Decisions

Data-driven decisions are the best kind of decisions. Anything less and we’re steering into uncharted waters. Why waste your time guessing when you can know exactly what you need to solidify that feeling in your gut.

Determine Strengths & Weaknesses

Nobody is perfect, and that’s okay. Using all this data, we’ll pick apart the analytics to determine where we’re making waves and where we can do better. There’s always room for improvement!

Get Results

Ever heard of the term GIGO? It means “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” In essence, you get back what you put in. With the time, effort and dedication we commit to you, we ensure you will get the absolute best results you are looking for. We can be laid back but when it comes to analytics, we don’t mess around.

Generate Leads

There’s always room for more. More business, that is. If we notice your page receives an increasing amount of web traffic from a specific locations or visitors, this gives us a great indication of what and where to promote next. There’s no greater feeling than having people interested in your business.

Track Conversions

Are you receiving 100, 1,000 or 10,000 visits? How many of them are actually buying? Using our detailed charts, you can quickly determine how many people visit your site and how many buy. From there we calculate how much you would have to spend to bring in the traffic required to keep the cycle going, ultimately being able to calculate your Return Of Investment, or otherwise known as your ROI.

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