Your Likes Don’t Matter

Million Daily Active Users on Facebook
Percent of Online Adults Visit Facebook More Than Once a Month
Average Amount of Minutes Spent on Facebook Each Day
Million Facebook Business Pages

Every day we have people come to us and ask how they can grow their likes or create viral content for their business. Unfortunately, things don’t work like that anymore. In fact, your likes are relatively useless on this platform with a base of more than 1.44 billion monthly active users. These days likes are barely considered an indication of your page’s “popularity.” But popularity doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t a single customer lining up at your door, cash in hand. And when purchased, those so called “fans” of your business will be worth even less as they generally don’t fall within your target audience. Too often, those fans may be fake altogether which can seriously implicate your page’s analytics and conversion rates. In other words, it’s a terrible idea.

When it Comes to Facebook, Focus on What Matters:

Regardless, focusing on likes is an ineffective strategy because it only covers the surface of what’s really going on. The numbers that matter now are your levels of engagement, a.k.a. the amount of people talking to or about your brand. Why? Because these users will be more likely to remember you, become your brand’s ambassadors and most importantly, buy from you! The people who simply liked your page (real or not) will forget about you the first moment you stop posting. That’s why our staff focuses on building communities for your brand where customers can share their experiences, stories, interests, passions and concerns. Imagine having the power to know exactly how your fans feel, without having to scour forums and the deep web for answers. With us on your team, you can guarantee your message will be delivered to the right people.

Facebook Content is King, but Engagement is Queen:

The creation of stories, campaigns, events and other content is important for a business to succeed online. The only issue is – how much of that content matters when no one engages with it? We take the time to really get to know your business. From day one, we research to the fullest capacity in order to understand your background, motivation and purpose. From there, we begin crafting your brand’s story and work effortlessly to bring it to life. Our strategists will sit down with you and determine what matters most to your brand’s consumers and align those values with your business’ goals and objectives. Once determined, we go out and source curated content your audience shows interest in. On the creation side of things, everything we do from posting pictures, links and videos, to blog and stories will be created with your specific audience and the goal of driving engagement in mind.

Custom Facebook Reporting & Reputation Management:

After content is taken from idea to execution, community managers monitor your page for mentions, interactions and comments around your brand. These results are reported back with information your business will appreciate and data our social media managers can use to improve your strategy. We strive for quality over quantity at Boxless Media, which means we’re more invested in bringing you 100 customers over 1,000 likes. Sound fair enough? And as part of this unique service, community managers also monitor your competitors in real-time to see what they’re up to, what’s working for them and what failed. These factors help us position your brand in ways that leverage your competitive advantages. Our top priority is to establish a robust and healthy online presence your customers will want to come back to. That’s our promise to you.


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