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LinkedIn has been an important part of social media since its inception. Like all great things, it has evolved to become a stronger and more robust platform. And with so many professionals connected on one online platform, there’s never been a better opportunity to leverage your connections. From driving brand awareness to nurturing your relationships, our strategists focus on shaping your brand’s perception through relevant content and targeted advertising.

Convert Leads Into Customers

Stay on top of your prospects’ minds and engage them through content they will find value in. Boxless Media has a dedicated team of digital advertisers ready to get your message in front of the right people. We search high and low for audience profiles that match your target market and then create our content around their interests to maximize your click-through rate. Better yet, we make sure that your audience is not only in the right industry, but also in a position to make decisions. These are the people you want to connect with and these are the types of leads we help you nurture. So how do we find these “leads” we speak of?

Sponsored Updates

Whether your connections are on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, sponsored updates are an amazing way to place your content in their newsfeed. A majority of LinkedIn users scroll their news feed similarly to Facebook and will have your content delivered to them instantaneously.

Sponsored InMail

Want to share your upcoming webinar, offer a free course or simply connect with specific audiences? Sponsored InMail is an excellent way of making direct contact with managers, supervisors and important decision makers. With Sponsored InMail, you can rest easy knowing there are people on the other side looking at your brand and deciding on your offers.

Display Ads

Display Ads are another great way to reach professionals and drive brand awareness. These advertisements are great for seasonal ventures, ongoing marketing campaigns and brand awareness.


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