Social Media Coaching

Boxless Media has now made social media personal. Whether you are an entrepreneur, job-seeker or something in-between, Boxless can help you utilize powerful social tools to help you attain your personal development goals.

Personal Social Media Planning (and Repair)

The first step most people take to go social is creating accounts. We recommend something else first. A coach from Boxless Media can help you determine which platforms you need to be on to accomplish your goals. Then, we can help you create those accounts. If you have tried and are not sure if you did it right or have multiple accounts, don’t worry. We can help clean those up, finish the setup tasks and merge any duplicate accounts. We can also help you purge any excess accounts.

Personal Social Media Coaching

Social Media Coaching ServicesAre you looking to get more out of Facebook? Is Twitter a mystery to you? Do you need help understanding Google+ or Instagram? Our coaches are here to help you. Boxless has a curriculum of social media lessons available or you may choose to guide your coaching sessions with questions and issues that you are encountering.

Group Lessons

Do you have a group of friends that are looking for social media lessons? Are you involved with an association, business, chamber of commerce, or other organization that would benefit from a social media group instruction or address? Boxless coaches and administration are available for group lessons or to speak at your next event.

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