Social Media Management

In order for your business to succeed in today’s crowded market, your business must be online and, more importantly, it must be social. To most business owners, however, social media management is a little more complicated than running a business. Managing a social media presence takes time, knowledge of the industry, and an ability to react to a million things in a timely manner. Boxless’s Managed Social Media services are convenient solutions scaled for businesses small and large with varied levels of needs and wants.

Offsite Social Media

Once a plan has been created, it takes time, discipline, proficiency, and writing to follow through on all of the tactical steps. You may have the best strategy but you will not see results unless it is meticulously carried out. Too often social media falls through the cracks because other priorities arise. Our priority is your social media success. We will set up a dedicated workstation in our data center for your organization where we monitor, post, and respond to social media engagements. Your engagements will be posted on time, responses will be monitored and the writing done by a professional writer.

Onsite Social Media

If your organization requires more than an off-site solution, we have the resources available to place a continually-trained professional on-site at your organization to manage your social media. Our professionals can be scheduled for as many hours per week as needed. We also offer a hybrid solution where a social pro is on-site for a set amount of hours, and the rest of the time your social media is managed through our data center.

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