About our founder

HeadshotJason Baumann is the founder and chief social strategist at Boxless Media. In 2013, Jason established Boxless to help small and medium-sized businesses grow using social media. Prior to Boxless, Jason worked in fundraising, technology and communications for six years at some of the most prestigious non-profit organizations in Chicago, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Easter Seals Metro Chicago. During this time, Jason also owned and operated the Laser Group, a web design and hosting company in Chicago. With the Laser Group, Jason helped a multitude of businesses establish online presences and e-marketing strategies.

Jason has been building websites and helping businesses succeed online since 1995. At that time, he launched one of the first high school websites in Chicago. In 2001, Jason joined Crain Communications as the Interactive Marketing Coordinator for Modern Healthcare, the country’s leading health care business publication. In the first position of its kind in the organization, he developed online marketing strategies for advertising clients creating a new line of advertising revenue. He eventually left Crain to join Adventist Midwest Health in their public relations department and a design team that published, both in print and online, all the collateral for several hospitals and health care clinics in the Chicagoland area. After Adventist, Jason formed Clarity Communication Chicago–a Michigan Avenue-based marketing agency that helped build brands for businesses and execute traditional and online marketing campaigns. At this time, Jason sold Clarity and began his work in the non-profit sector.

Jason has quickly rising to the top of the field of online reviews. As the a local expert on reviews and the inventor of ReviCards, Jason understands the impact of reviews and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with businesses. In 2015, Jason developed the ReviCard system, a software package that allows businesses to leverage the power of reviews. It boosts overall ratings and increases positive reviews in addition to builds your customer email list and improving customer service.

Jason is creator of DenytheBox.com–a social media blog dedicated to helping business owners and marketers learn more about social media. DenytheBox.com offers platform descriptions, trends, strategies and practical case studies to help businesses succeed. He is also a frequent publisher on LinkedIn for topics about digital marketing and reviews.

About Boxless Media

The directive to think outside the box has become ubiquitous in business today–so much that “thinking outside the box” has become the box. Boxless Media was founded on the belief that in order to become successful in business, you must first understand “the box” that we all live in and then deny it. With this is mind, we can accomplish great things by doing things that are unique and compelling.

SearchMetrics.com is a leading online information provider and annually releases a list of factors that most impact search engine page ranks. Of the top eight factors in 2013, seven are related to social media. So the secret to being found online (and ultimately succeeding) is to dominate social media. Boxless Media builds social media strategies for organizations and individuals, manages clients’ social media presence, and offers coaching services to business leaders and people who want to succeed online.

Presentation Topics

Jason is an engaging, compelling and relevant speaker to many business organizations and student groups across Chicago. He is available to speak on a variety of subjects in fields of social media, online marketing or branding. Below is an abbreviated list of topics. For a comprehensive list, please email jb@boxlessmedia.com.

Presentation topics include:
»   The Value of the Online Review
»   Building a Pro-Active Review Strategy
»   Growing your Business using Social Media
»   Building Your Online Brand
»   Online Case Studies for Success
»   eMarketing 101 Google+: Social Media for SEO
»   The New Face of Facebook
»   Conquering the Search Engine
»   Building a Personal Brand Online
»   Harnessing the Reach of Twitter
»   Creating Winning Social Strategies
»   Give it Up for Content Marketing

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