Web Design

Boxless Media offers forward-thinking solutions to make your website attractive, functional and results-oriented. Boxless works closely with our clients to develop goals for the site and explore the best solutions for each project. Whether the site is a new web presence or a functional intranet or microsite, we will make sure that goals are achieved and our clients are completely satisfied.


Web design used to be about developing a bunch of HTML pages with some cool photos. Today, building a website is about considering the platform and update strategy, determining the social media integrations, creating an effective, easy-to-navigate user interface and building this on an efficient and appropriate backend. Building a website is about thinking ahead so that the site is as viable in a year as the day it is launched. Before we write one line of code, we look at all of these considerations and many more to develop a solid plan. In fact, for many of our sites, more time is dedicated to planning than actual coding. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.


At Boxless, we understand that your website is an investment and that any investment must be evaluated for its potential return. The first step in our design process is to fully understand our client’s needs and goals. Every subsequent step is based on the foundation built when the goals are set. This process is proven to create websites that produce results and don’t lie stagnant.

Attractive & Functional.

Technologically, we at Boxless pride ourselves on vanity. Our designs are clean, classy and easy to navigate. We use the appropriate level of design aspects to complement without disrupting function. But supposedly, beauty won’t get you everywhere in life. Don’t worry, because Boxless spends more time on function than beauty. Our sites are simple to navigate and logically organized. Information and features are easy to find and use. With an attractive, functional design, your visitors will become loyal customers and return to your site more often.

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