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Aug 20, 2014
Jason Baumann


It’s not often that dedicate a blog to recommending a tool, but I was recently introduced to a tool that demanded my attention. It’s called and it is one that I recommend for any content marketer.

What is is a link shortener with some additional features. In short, allows you to create a link that directs a user to a specific URL. Similar to its competitors, like, TinyURL and, it includes basic analytics. then takes link shortening to the next level. When the user clicks on the snip, they are brought to the destination URL. A branded message bar that you create is incorporated into that destination URL. The branded bar can include a promotional message with a link to your website, a button, or a form field. You can now redirect traffic outside of your digital presence and keep a consistent brand.

Boxless Media’s Twitter Strategy Exposed

Each social media platform has its own voice. Engagements are different on each platform. Audiences are usually very different. Messaging is usually pretty different. The Twitter account of Boxless Media (@BoxlessMedia) is mostly read by social media strategists and marketers. Our goal for that platform is to regularly distribute information, tips, tricks and advice about social media to our audience. We realize that we do not produce enough content to satisfy that audience, so we curate content other social media leaders on a daily basis. It’s a pretty risky strategy to promote the content of competitors or other digital marketing leaders. But it is a strategy that we are comfortable with. We value the advice of such leaders as Mari Smith, Mike Stelzner, Tyler J. Anderson, and so many others. Hopefully, our audience sees this as a sign of strength on our behalf.

Since we have been introduced to, we have started using snips on all of our curated content. So now, when we refer our Twitter followers to other thought leader’s pages, we do so with our brand on the bottom. It allows us the ability to leverage the knowledge of others with our brand name. And it is amazing.

We even use when promoting our own blogs on Twitter. Now when we refer our Twitters to a story on our blog, we include a snip with an opportunity for them to sign up for our email list. It is a lot less annoying than splash pages. Often times, when I see a splash page, I either look for the close button or leave the site – whichever is easier.

Check out I think you will be amazed with all the opportunities this little tool can offer you. Right now, we are on our free Pro trial, but you better believe we will upgrade as soon as it expires!

Are there other tools like that you can’t live without? Share the knowledge with a comment below or tweet at @BoxlessMedia. We would love to hear from you.

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Insightful piece, Jason. Seems like the best of both worlds: you refer to other thought leaders, while declaring your brand in the process. I agree that edifying others is a show of confidence–in your own place in the market, as well as in your audience’s ability to discern what is best for them. In the end, providing great value wins, as long as you are in it for the long haul.

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