Social Media Followers: What’s Your Number?

Oct 23, 2013
Jason Baumann


What’s your number? justinbieber ‘s is more than 45 million on Twitter alone. ladygaga is right behind him with a little more than 40 million. And our President, barackobama, has a mere 38 million (slightly less than before the ObamaCare website crashed). But what is that perfect number? Would you rather have 45 million followers or 10? I invite you to think about that for a second.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a good friend and potential client and we spoke about this for awhile. She had mentioned to me about companies that guarantee followers on different social media platforms. I told her that my company and any other reputable company, are not in the business of guaranteeing specific numbers of followers. If that was what a client was looking for, I could refer her to one of many sites that could provide 100,000 Twitter followers for a couple hundred dollars.

My business, Boxless Media, is about helping businesses grow their business using social media and the Internet. She works in Marketing for a major health system in Chicagoland. It doesn’t matter how many followers she has on any of her social media account. It is about how many people come to her hospitals when they need care.

My principal recommendation for her was to make sure she was providing the content people were looking for and making sure people were getting the content from her and not her competitors. Don’t be concerned with how many followers she has. Followers will come. She should be most concerned with the number of followers instead the quality of followers. It would be better for her to have 100 engaged followers who are engaged in her content and using her services than 100,000 followers that come from unused accounts in a far off country.

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