Social Media Planning in One Week: Part One – Target Audience

Nov 04, 2013
Jason Baumann

social media planning

Before you can create an online or social media campaign, you need an effective plan. This week, we will take you through creating a social media plan in five steps. Check back daily and you will learn how to create a social media plan that will help you achieve online goals.


As a marketer or business owner, you should know your target audience. Don’t fall into the common small business owner mistake of claiming that your target market is anyone who will buy services. Identify who that perfect and most profitable customer is and label them your target audience.

This afternoon, boxlessmedia will tweet (twitter -@boxlessmedia) some great articles from industry leaders on identifying your target market. Follow Boxless to some great advice on this critical step.

In the meantime, here are some great tips for you to help identify your target audience…

  1. Make sure you relate to your target audience
  2. Imagine the ideal customer
  3. Stay within your sphere of influence
  4. Let the customers guide you
  5. Look for long-term relationships

Once you know who you want to reach, it is about effectively reaching that audience with the correct social media tools.

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