4 Social Media Tips For Gyms and Fitness Centers

Apr 11, 2014
Abraham Villegas


Whether you own a local gym, a nearby yoga center, or simply a personal training business, we’re sure that you can benefit from the utilization of social media. With so much competition in the industry, chances are that your business will blend in if you are not using social media. Chances are, you’re already on various platforms marketing your establishment, but are you doing it right? Is it attractive and unique? Do you stand out among the competition? If you said no to any of those questions, follow these 4 tips from Boxless to help your business improve its social media presence. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you’re going to want to market what you have!

Flex Your Social Media Muscle

Just like exercise, positive results require hard work and consistency. If you cheat, you’re only hurting yourself. Therefore it is important to be consistent with online activity in order for your strategy to be effective. Post relevant content to your audience by providing exercise tips, tricks, and how-to’s. Engage with your audience by replying back to comments, and helping them out if they have a question or concern. Keep the content fresh, no one likes to read outdated material unless it directly pertains to History. Ask questions and encourage your audience to help one another by posting questions that others can answer. If someone asks you a question, share it with your audience. An involved community is the best kind of community.

Show It Off

What’s the point of working out if you aren’t going to post 375 selfies on Facebook about your latest fitness accomplishments? Just kidding, please don’t do that. But do feel free to show off your equipment, exercise rooms, and any other amenity your establishment may offer. Have tanning services, massage therapists, or a sauna room? Take a picture, and let your audience know what they’re missing out on by not coming to your gym. The best way to show off your equipment and knowledge of the industry is to create a guide showing the audience how to use the equipment properly. If you haven’t noticed, most people who go to the gym aren’t always practicing proper form.

Keep It Local and Simple

Unless you own a major chain of fitness centers, chances are you don’t need to create national campaigns for your marketing efforts. Keep it simple by recognizing your target audience will most likely be local. If you want the local community to come to your establishment, make sure that they can find you first. Sign your business up with Google Local and Yelp! These two online presences are big with the local community as most people today will search a place online before actually stepping a foot in the door. If you make your presence known, people will know where to go to exercise. Make your business unique, and people will have another reason to specifically come to you.


Since your business is aimed at the health industry, most if not all of your audience will be concerned with their health. There’s no better way to relate to an audience than to start blogging. It allows you to connect with people who share similar priorities and values. Research also shows that businesses who blog are more likely to generate leads than companies who don’t. There’s absolutely no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be blogging, even if it is once or twice a month. The point is to make your audience aware that you are a true industry professional by providing insight as well as your opinion. Look into WordPress or other microblogging sites that will allow you to create relevant content. Once you’ve started blogging, be sure to share the link to your blog across all platforms that you may be on. Don’t just add the link, create a meaningful post that will resonate with your audience which will entice them to come and read your material. Blogging may sound difficult at first, but there are many tools out there now that make this easy to do.

Don’t be scared, social media is a lot like exercise. The first few days will leave you sore and exhausted, but as you persist you will start to see gains as long as you continue to be active. Not only will it get easier, you’ll actually start to enjoy it. My first few days of blogging were nerve wracking, but now that I’ve remained consistent, it’s not so bad after all.

Are you doing something similar or completely different that is working for your business? Let us know, we would love to discuss your strategy or even help you if you aren’t performing to expectation. Leave a comment or send us a tweet @BoxlessMedia!

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