Social Media Tips to Grow Your Medical Practice

Apr 18, 2014
Jason Baumann

Social Tips for Doctors

Doctors and the administrators used to be able to just concentrate on medicine. That is no longer possible. Now they have to be business people, insurance experts, marketers and much more. Here are a few social media tips to help you grow your medical practice.

Create a Social Media Presence

Don’t be afraid of social media. Everyone who has a social account needs a doctor. That means that everyone who visits your Facebook, Twitter or other social media page is a prospective patient. The secret to being found online revolves around social media. The best way to be found online is to rock at social media. Of the top eight factors that impact your position on Google, seven are related to social media. So be sure to set up at least a Facebook and Google+ page. Facebook is the social media monster and is most popular with people over 30 – a perfect market for doctors.

Embrace Free Listings

There are plenty of websites that are trying to make money creating lists of service providers. Give them your information. Let them make that money spreading your contact information. Angie’s List is a great example. Angie’s List now has a special area for health care providers. Claim your business ( Offer a free gift to those who leave positive reviews. If someone leaves you a positive review, give them something small. You would not believe how many people Google a doctor before their first visit. Also be sure to connect with any hospitals or clinics with whom you have a relationship. Make sure they are promoting you online.

Produce Content, Genuinely

People love doctors they trust. People hate doctors they don’t trust. And please believe me that every one of your patients has mentioned you to someone in their life. You need to build that same trust online. Whenever a family member or friend is diagnosed with a condition, the first place I turn to is the Internet. I look up what a Glioblastoma Multiforme is.  What does a gall bladder do? What are the non-surgical options for someone with herniated discs? If you offer information on your social sites as to common diagnoses, people will find you. They will also trust you. Post something every day. You can spend some time once a week and schedule all these posts, but if you produce content, people will find you. Finally, when you do produce content, sign it. Put your name at the end. It makes social media human and that is when you get the best results.

Find a Social Hero

As with any marketing efforts, it takes time and sometimes money. Find a social media hero – either in your office or externally. Residents, nursing students or office staff are all pretty good with social media. If your office staff and residents are as busy as you are, considering outsourcing this task. There are companies that can manage your social media like (shameless plug time) Boxless Media.

These are a few pieces of advice. There are so many more tactics that can build your business. It is just important to realize that social media is a critical part of the marketing mix and you cannot afford to be afraid of it, or even worse, neglect it.

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