Social SEO: Being Seen Requires Being Found

Oct 01, 2013
Jason Baumann

Business owners and marketers ask me everyday, how do I get seen on Google. I tell them, go social and you will get there.

According to SearchMetrics, of the eight top SEO ranking factors, social media represents seven. In that top eight, Google is number one. Facebook, Twitter and PInterest are also represented. So the answer is to commit to social media. We are living in a social world, get social.

Here are four tips to help you establish that coveted position on the first page of Google (and other search engines).

  1. Create a complete Google+ account for both you and your business. Fill out every part of the profile as completely as possible. The more information you include, the more information search engines, especially Google, will index.
  2. Create a schedule of engagements and follow that schedule religiously. Search engines love content. They love sites that provide regular content for them to index. They do not like sites that say they are going to provide content, provide content for a week and then abandon for six months. Create a schedule and stick with it.
  3. Post and cross post everywhere. If you have a blog, post teasers on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Post about your content everywhere.
  4. Live according to the rule of thirds when it comes to content posting. The first third of your content should be great original content posted by your business. The second third should be great industry knowledge posted by your organization but created by someone else. Finally, the last third should be interaction with engaged fans/followers (responses, retweets, etc.)

Boxless Media is a new force in Social Media. If you cannot commit to posting regularly Boxless offers a content management service that will not only post great content but also cross post everything for maximum visibility. For more information on Boxless Media, email

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