Step Three: Become an ACE!

Feb 03, 2014
Jason Baumann

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Last week, we began talking about social media strategy. Today we continue. We have discussed the setting of goals and evaluating them to ensure that they are SMART. Next we discussed how to identify your target audience. Today we proceed to the next step… pairing your target audience with social media platforms.

There are probably hundreds of social media platforms available. Realistically, there are about ten that are worth discussing. But each one of those platforms could take several hours for you to manage each day. Creating a solid social media plan requires that you choose the best platform(s) for your business and then creating a strategy for those platform(s).  Too often, small businesses try to be everywhere. It does not work and you end up with undermanaged accounts and a strategy destined for failure.

For most small businesses, I would recommend that you pick one or two platforms, dedicate yourself to those platforms, and then “rock” them. This blog has explored many of the big platforms in the past and will explore some of the secondary level platforms in the weeks to come. I encourage you to check out some of our previous posts for great summaries of the different platforms.

How do you choose the platform that is right for your business? Become an ACE!

Audience: Where is your target audience? Before you commit to any platform, you have to make sure that where you are headed, there are potential customers. One of the best things about social media is that we have so much data available about the users and how they use the platforms. We know the number of users on every platform. We can see how often they use the sites. We can also see a lot about these people such as their interests, likes, and even more recently their emotions (take Facebook for example). Use that data to drive your decision.

Content: What type of content will you be sharing? Platforms have been created and optimized to share certain types of content. Think about the type of content that you plan on sharing. Look at which platforms are best for those content types and factor this into your decision.

Ease-Of-Implementation: SnapChat has some amazing potential for advertisers but it can be very complicated to implement. On the contrary, it is very easy for anyone to create a Facebook page and post content. While we all want to be the most ambitious people possible, we don’t want to bite off something we can’t chew. If you try a platform that is too much for your ability level, you will mostly likely neglect it or not do as well as you can elsewhere. Stick to your comfort level because regular posting has to be easy. It has to be as fluid to you (or your social media manager) as making a phone call.

With these three factors in mind, explore the different social media platforms. Before you commit to one, jump aboard that platform and live it for a few weeks. Is it something that you love? Is it somewhere you see potential? Is it somewhere you see your customers? If so, commit and continue on the next step in social media planning.

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